Month: March 2014

Designing Your Cardio Program – A Little Bit of Everything is the Best Approach

Last week, we discussed the type of Cardio activity to include into your fitness program.  Today, I wanted to educate you on a few more training principles that can help […]

Choosing The Right Activity To Get Fit

Spring is here, days are longer and many of us have a renewed sense of energy.  You will notice many people feeling motivated to start an exercise program especially with […]

Top 7 Exercises

The American Council of Exercise asked 17,000 personal trainers what was the one exercise they couldn’t do without.  The 7 exercises personal trainers can’t live without when designing programs for […]

Should You Workout if You’re Injured?

If you’ve ever experienced an injury, you’ll appreciate the fact that it can really take you out of your normal fitness routine.  Often, when someone suffers an injury or is […]

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