Month: September 2013

Stay On Track This Time!

What went wrong?  Why did you fail last time? Most people have great intentions and start an exercise program over and over and over again.  They decide to start working out […]

Surround Yourself With Great People!

Surround Yourself With Great People & Choose Your Friends Wisely This past weekend, I was uploading photos from our Summer of fun and adventures.  It made me reflect how lucky I […]

Kegel Your Way to Better Health

No one talks about it but it’s a problem that many women have to deal with on a day to day basis after child-birth.  Urinary incontinence, an inability to control […]

Ways To Prevent ACL Injuries

We are heavy into football, soccer and basketball seasons and the ski season will be here in no time.  All athletes – young and old – are susceptible to suffering […]

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