Month: July 2013

Managing Summer Nutrition

I recently received the following email. You would think that summer would be the easiest time to lose body fat, but I always gain weight every summer.  How can I overcome […]

The Limitations of Yoga

The popularity of Yoga exercise has increased dramatically as many celebrities swear of its effectiveness.  But the classical techniques of yoga are not just the latest, trendiest workout; they in […]

Stick To Your Workout Routine

Here we are mid-summer and many of you are probably beginning to lose your desire to stick to your workout routine. Many people wonder what happened to the energy and the […]

Starting and Sticking To It!

As a Personal Trainer, I understand that the actual physical fitness program we design for our clients is only a small part of our job.  Our most important role is […]

Eating Healthy on Your Summer Schedule

Eating healthy on your summer schedule is doable! Summer holidays, kid’s clinics and camps, travel plans, camping, and more!  We can appreciate that summer life can be so busy that it […]

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