Month: September 2013

The “awe” factor is gone – LA exposed as normal team as Timbers take three in torrid rain!

It wasn't pretty, but games like this (wind and rain) plus the tightness that comes with a playoff chase, usually make for hard, crusty, good old-fashioned football. And while I won't […]

Setting the stage… PTFC vs LAG

The Portland Timbers Football Club takes on the LA Galaxy Football Club tomorrow in front of a nationally televised audience dead smack in the middle of the NFL...   I wonder […]

Making more of less… AJ Baptiste

Making more of less... there has been discussion of late by a few about Baptiste. Simply stated - this is the time for veteran leadership and veteran role playing to help […]

Portland moving on… next up LA Galaxy

The trail to the playoffs continue as Portland host one of the best overall teams in MLS this next weekend after a glorious (pure football lovers football match) 1-nil win […]

Time draws near… Timbers take on Rapids on National TV

If you want to know what a playoff game situation will be like in Portland after about 2 years of fluff and stuff tonight should be the night. No room for […]

Defensive Shots Blocked – A deeper dive into MLS.

In my most previous blog about the Portland Timbers I had noticed an unexpected oddity in the data analysis when peeling back Defensive Blocks by Chivas from game 1 to […]

Tepid Timbers channel poor performance for 1 Point versus changed Chivas USA

Aye... quite tepid indeed; the word most often used last night as the family watched the game at home was lethargic, but thankfully so, there's no L's in my alliteration […]

Changes in Chivas will require different channel of attack for Timbers

Portland Timbers travel to LA this weekend and play the "other team" who's not quite as successful this year as the Goat Parade would like. Before digging into a few pre-match […]

Are MLS Eastern Conference Teams weaker than Western Conference Teams?

Are the Western Conference Teams "better" than their counterparts in the East?   Two different views of empirical data for your consideration; the first showing the Rankings for all MLS Teams […]

Complete quotes from the Portland Timbers Official Press Release

As noted last week this will be a continuing offering from me the remainder of this season for those interested... The complete, unedited, un-taken out of context, quotes by those interviewed […]

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