Month: June 2015

Not-so-special legislative sessions

The legislative countdown clock is ticking. I think. I hope. Should someone check its batteries? Lawmakers are fast approaching the end of a double overtime legislative session. On Thursday, the chief Republican budget writer […]

Lawmakers stop partisan bickering … for a moment

Republicans and Democrats spent a good portion of this week blaming each other on social media for the partisan gridlock that has resulted in two special legislative sessions and no […]

The special legislative session’s price tag

If lawmakers don’t agree on a budget by the end of this month, the state will start to shutdown. State parks would close, kicking campers out. Community corrections officers would not […]

Taking their talking points to Twitter

In the past couple of weeks, Washington lawmakers have spent time behind closed doors (presumably) negotiating a two-year budget. When asked about the details, many have repeated they “don’t negotiate in […]

Deadline on school funding plan

Lawmakers have missed a lot of deadlines recently. And they’ve been given a pass. The governor called two special legislative session with the hopes they can agree on a two-year operating budget. Even […]

The other Washington

Washington state lawmakers often refer to “the other Washington” when speaking about partisan gridlock. The other Washington is where nothing gets done. The other Washington is where political dysfunction is the […]

Gov skips graduation speech for budget talks

After a week of meeting with the governor behind closed doors, lawmakers emerged Friday with a tentative deal on an overall spending plan. They haven’t agreed on how they will spend the […]

The Senate: Where anything CRC related goes to die

Reps. Liz Pike, R-Camas, and Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver, have little in common politically. But the two teamed up this legislative session, making an unlikely alliance, on an even more unlikely subject: […]

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