Author: Maureen Andrade

Local Artist’s Vision for African Residency

Artists are full of great ideas. It’s sort of what we’re known for. But sometimes an artist’s good idea becomes a generative vision. Local artist and retired teacher Russell Ford […]

Poetry Off The Page: Open Mics in Vancouver

Poetry is a pure religion for many writers and readers. Poets use images, rhythm, and carefully selected vocabulary words to express ideas that would take other types of writers hundreds […]

Artists Giving Back

Arts of Clark County founding member Laurel Whitehurst connected with Winter Hospitality Overflow last year. She offered to visit St. Andrews Church on Gher, where WHO operates during the cold […]

First Friday’s Big Holiday Celebration

It's that time of the month again- First Friday Artwalk in the Vancouver Arts District. Local galleries made their lists and checked them twice and hung shows with collectible and […]

Organizing the Arts for Successes

Last week I attended a forum for New Community Visions for the Arts hosted by Americans for the Arts. Those who listen to National Public Radio might recognize Americans for […]

Meet Local Singer/Songwriter Jeffrey Graham

Clark County is home to very talented young artists, and singer Jeffrey Graham is one example.  Graham attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, including two years of choir. […]

Honoring our Founding Mothers in “Heart and Stone”

The very busy Vancouver Downtown Association decided to do a fresh public art piece many months ago. The process of developing and implementing a project like this takes a commitment […]

Reconnecting with Friends through Art

Work, relationships, and the general wear and tear of our daily schedules create a need to do something that recharges our emotional batteries. Regardless of our skill levels or the […]

This Moment Brought to You by Donors

There are many moments I’ve had as an artist, volunteer, and director in the local arts scene that have touched my heart. For example, when I was sitting the gallery […]

Correction: Art Talk time for Thursday

The Autumn Art Talk with Artist Trust Artist at Large Erin Dengerink is indeed Thursday, but it begins at 6pm rather than 5:30 at North Bank Artists Gallery. There will […]

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