Month: October 2015

Reconnecting with Friends through Art

Work, relationships, and the general wear and tear of our daily schedules create a need to do something that recharges our emotional batteries. Regardless of our skill levels or the […]

This Moment Brought to You by Donors

There are many moments I’ve had as an artist, volunteer, and director in the local arts scene that have touched my heart. For example, when I was sitting the gallery […]

Correction: Art Talk time for Thursday

The Autumn Art Talk with Artist Trust Artist at Large Erin Dengerink is indeed Thursday, but it begins at 6pm rather than 5:30 at North Bank Artists Gallery. There will […]

The Season for Talk

A few years ago, I spoke with a successful art leader from Portland about how Vancouver could build its audience for its galleries. Keep doing what you’re doing, I was […]

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