Falling For Autumn

It's here--that feeling in the air, the slant of light that announces my favorite time of year--fall. I love everything about the season--pumpkin pie, red and yellow leaves, crisp air, […]

Winding Down to September

It's the last full week of summer vacation for school kids, parents, and teachers. And the beginning of what is often the best month of the year in the Northwest. […]

Summer Heats Up

It would have been nicer if summer came on gradually but... Instead it hit with a heat hammer that hasn't let up much. So, the romantic in me has to […]

First Picnic of the Summer

Summer, it appears, is about to close in on us with a vengeance. Time to dust off the picnic basket, grab a soft blanket and some big pillows and head […]

Love Apples

A commenter on last week’s blog entry suggested that pasta would be the go-to gift before chocolate was on the scene. I got thinking about that—how would the pasta be […]

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