Month: July 2018

Caprese Salad With Melon

Big, juicy sun-ripened tomatoes are everywhere - the grocery store, the farmer’s market, and mostly on my counter.  Something about them makes you live in the moment.  Their vibrant, fiery […]

Honeydew-Cucumber Slushy

Hope you enjoyed that last cool breeze, because the heat is on again.  Looking for a way to cool off?  This Honeydew-Cucumber Slushy is an easy, healthy way to stay […]

Fresh Blueberry Pie

It’s berry season!  Keeping up with our blueberry bushes has become a full-time job, and it’s keeping me plenty busy.  The berries are prolific, their branches drooping with plump little […]

California Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a good call any time you need a quick answer for dinner.  Here’s a fast, easy way to make that chicken you’re grilling into something new, different, […]

Grilled Corn

A recent episode of Man Fire Food featured an impressive Uruguayan grill.  It was neat, efficient, and had a massive grilling surface:  the barbecue of your dreams.  While they were […]

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