3A Greater St. Helens League girls track and field all-league team

Track athlete of the year: Kaylin Sperley, Prairie; Grayson Burke, Columbia River

Field athlete of the year: Kirstin Mury, Kelso; Yaidenn Lopez-Perez, Columbia River


Kaylin Sperley, so., 100, Prairie

Kaylin Sperley, so., 200, Prairie

Grayson Burke, sr., 400, Columbia River

Katie Vroman, fr., 800, Prairie

Hannah Kneeshaw, fr., 1600, Prairie

Hannah Kneeshaw, fr., 3200, Prairie

Ellie Walker, jr., 100H, Columbia River

Valerie Schmidt, so., 300H, Prairie

Yaiydenn Lopez-Perez, sr., SP, Columbia River

Yaiydenn Lopez-Perez, sr., DIS, Columbia River

Kirstin Mury, jr., JAV, Kelso

Tiarra Ringold, jr., LJ, Columbia River

Katherine Schaefer, jr., TJ, Prairie

Giovanna Rhoads, fr., HJ, Columbia River

Taylor Beavers, so., PV, Kelso


Grayson Burke, sr., 100/200, Columbia River; Carlee Sams, so., 200, Kelso; Mary McLeod, fr., 400, Prairie; Hannah Kneeshaw, fr., 800, Prairie; Emily Phelps, fr., 1600/3200, Fort Vancouver; Valerie Schmidt, so., 100H, Prairie; Sara Soladey, so., 300H, Kelso; Jocelyn Salavea, so., SP, Fort Vancouver; Reilly Watts, sr., DIS, Columbia River; Hannah Nienaber, jr., JAV, Prairie; Tayla Beavers, so., LJ, Kelso; Tiarra Ringold, jr., TJ, Columbia River; Sara Crawford, fr., HJ, Fort Vancouver; Lindsay Marshall, sr., PV, Columbia River

Coach of the year: Curtis Crebar, Prairie

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