Harmful substances: sugar > marijuana

Americans consider sugar to be more harmful to their health than marijuana. A recent poll by NBC News and Wall Street Journal asked people which substance they think is most harmful […]

Flush-faced drinkers

You know that guy who gets flush in the face when drinking alcohol? Well, new research suggests that could be a warning sign of future health problems Researchers from South Korea […]

ER patients’ drink of choice: Budweiser

If you want to avoid a trip to the emergency room, you better put down the Budweiser. Better set aside the can of Steel Reserve, too. Researchers found those two beers are […]

More drunk animals

Turns out birds aren't the only animals that get drunk on fruit. Last month, I blogged about a study that found young birds got “drunk” on fermented berries and even exhibited […]

Drunk birds

The underage-drinkers have Four Loco. The juvenile birds have fermented berries. Yes, you read that correctly. A new article published in Veterinary Record reveals that young birds can get “drunk” on fermented […]

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