Month: February 2010

Figure Skaters Must Be Very Lonely

What is the most naked, isolated feeling in sports? The moment that, more than any other, leaves you thinking you're the only person in the world? Is it being on the […]

This Will Keep You Busy For Months

This might be the most glorious thing the NCAA has ever done: Every Sweet 16 game and beyond from the past decade. Seriously. […]

Is Kevin Durant The Next George Gervin?

Regular readers know that I have a man crush on Kevin Durant. But even I think this is ridiculous. For some reason that is inexplicable, other than simple media kerfuffle, it […]

Putting History Into Perspective

Sunday's column was about a big part of Clark County sports history. Camas defeated Prairie last week in girls basketball. And if you aren't sure how significant that is, you can […]

How Did Schrempf End Up In Centralia?

In a previous post, we included an All-Star team of the best NBA players to come from Washington high schools. One of them was Detlef Schrempf, who of course wasn't […]

Sports Illustrated Focuses On Seattle

Here's your surprising stat of the day: The Seattle area has produced 13 players currently in the NBA. That's tied for fifth among metro areas, although Seattle ranks 15th in […]

The Best Place For Olympic News

If you have any remote interest in the Winter Olympics, or even if you don't, here is the place to go for your Olympics news. Yahoo! Sports does a great job […]

Blazers Have Wealth Of Possibilities

Brian T. Smith summed it up pretty well, as the Blazers traded for Marcus Camby: "The Trail Blazers finally have a healthy, legitimate big man." And with that, Portland has a […]

Fallout From Evergreen-Kelso

Sunday's column was about an offensive poster directed at Evergreen that was posted in the Kelso High School gym. The column has generated a firestorm of comments. It even generated a […]

Blazer Fan Makes Peace With 2007 Draft

You gotta hand it to 'em — Blazer fans haven't lost their sense of humor over this whole Kevin Durant thing. Here's what one diehard in The Columbian newsroom wrote: You […]

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