Blazer Fan Makes Peace With 2007 Draft

You gotta hand it to ’em — Blazer fans haven’t lost their sense of humor over this whole Kevin Durant thing. Here’s what one diehard in The Columbian newsroom wrote:

You know what keeps me from popping two cyanide tablets every time Durant puts up 25 like you or I put on your socks every morning? I’ve made peace with how things went down on Draft Day 2007 and haven’t thought, “What if?”

Because I’m pretty sure that, by this point in his Blazers career, Durant would have torn his ACL, MCL, JCL, ZCL, and whatever CLs are hanging out in the knee region. He would have missed time to have his appendix removed — and in all likelihood, the doctor performing the surgery would have accidentally taken out his spleen. He would have been put on the inactive list with scurvy. His ankle sprain would have been diagnosed as the flu virus.

These things happen to Blazers. Kevin Pritchard went down to the crossroads the night he was named GM, and now Lucifer wants to collect. Even Kevin Durant, in all of his otherworldly glory, couldn’t have escaped his fate.

Yes, Durant has been otherworldly. But here’s guessing that he struggles tonight when the Thunder visit Portland. In nine career games against Portland, Durant has averaged 19.2 points, his third-lowest mark against any team. More important, he’s shooting only 39 percent from the field.

Durant has 24 straight games with 25 or more points. That has to end sometime, right?

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