This Analogy Doesn’t Exactly Fit

You've probably seen the graphics using a family budget as an analogy for federal spending. Well, the Washington Post has an interesting take on that. The analogy, as presented by the […]

Just Like Starting Over

A couple weeks in, I'm finally feeling a bit settled in my new job as The Columbian's Opinion editor, so it's time to do a little catching up on the […]

My Evening With Butterbean

I once spent time in a cramped dressing room with a 400-pound boxer. In 2003, you see, I drove to Lincoln City, Ore., to watch Tonya Harding in a "boxing" match. […]

Apparently, They Don’t Know Damian Lillard In Minnesota

Here's an odd item that appeared in a wire story from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: MINNEAPOLIS - As a smiling Shabazz Muhammad stood on the Target Center stage Friday clutching his No. […]

Greatest Hits: Bill Walton And The Draft

With the NBA Draft on the schedule for tonight, it reminded me of when the Blazers had the No. 1 pick in 2007. I tracked down Bill Walton, a former […]

Greatest Hits: In Honor Of Father’s Day

With Father's Day upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to share what I wrote after my dad died in 2009: This is a column I never wanted to write, […]

Greatest Hits: Heidland Finds Meaning

With my tenure in Sports nearing an end, I figure it's time for a Greatest Hits tour. Why? Well, why not? I'll re-read these columns, even if nobody else wants […]

Does Felix Benefit From Home Cooking?

Good thing Felix Hernandez received some run support Monday. After last week, I'm guessing he was rethinking that $175 million, seven-year deal with the Mariners. On Wednesday, King Felix allowed four […]

Durant Makes History — Good and Bad

Kevin Durant is about to make history. Unless he goes 0 for 5 from the free-throw line in Wednesday's season finale against Milwaukee (or 0 for 14 from 3-point range), […]

Joe Posnanski Looks At Baseball's Two Halls Of Fame

Interesting work, as usual, from Joe Posnanski as he takes a position-by-position look at players who have been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the years by the […]

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