Month: February 2010

The Only Thing That Matters In The Super Bowl

I don't care whether it's a close game, or Reggie Bush scores four touchdowns, or Peyton Manning shoots a new commercial between quarters. I have only one wish for the […]

Getting A Jump On The Class Of 2015

Leading candidate for This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse: USC has received a verbal commitment from a 13-year-old quarterback. […]

Computer Says Blazers Will Make Playoffs

The big question at this point is whether or not the Blazers will reach the playoffs. provides some insight. Portland is 29-22 and eighth in the Western Conference, 1 1/2 […]

The Future And Nicolas Batum

Sunday's column took a look at this question: Aside from Brandon Roy, which current Blazer has the best career ahead of him? I think it's a fascinating question. Will Greg […]

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