Month: December 2012

National Cupcake Day!

My daughter absolutely loves cupcakes, this day was made just for her. After all, a day celebrating her favorite creation is huge, right? She loves to decorate, dress up and […]

National Hot Cocoa Day!

Around my house, just about any cold fall or winter day is the perfect day for a cup of hot cocoa. There is just something about a nice steaming mug […]

Product Review: CrispRoot Cassava Chips, Original

Initial Thoughts: What is cassava? Thankfully, the website for CrispRoot Cassava Chips had a lot of information on their products. Everything from what cassava is to where the cassava […]

National Cookie Day!

Cookies! Do you love to eat them? Do you love to bake them? Well, today is your day then. It's national cookie day! Yet another perfectly timed national food day. […]

National Pie Day!

Are you ready? It's time for another food holiday! This time it's pie. What a great time of year for a national pie day! So, what's your favorite? Peach, pecan, […]

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