National Pie Day!

Are you ready? It’s time for another food holiday! This time it’s pie. What a great time of year for a national pie day!

So, what’s your favorite? Peach, pecan, or maybe it’s pumpkin.


Regardless of what your favorite pie is, if your crust isn’t good, chances are your pie won’t be either. Taking the time to make a good tasting pie crust is totally worth it! You can even make up several at a time and freeze or refrigerate them until you are ready to use them.

Perhaps you don’t want to mess with a crust? Maybe your favorite part of the pie is the filling? One of my favorite quick recipes for “pie” is baked apple slices, all of the goodness of an apple pie without the work of the crust. I do have to admit that I miss the flaky crust at times, but it’s a good substitute in a pinch.

Another tasty recipe is Tanya G’s crustless pumpkin pie. So tasty!


Enjoy National Pie Day! Have some fun with your kids and bake a pie together. Even if you use a gluten-free ready made crust, you’ll make some fun memories and have a tasty dessert to end the day.

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