National Hot Cocoa Day!


Around my house, just about any cold fall or winter day is the perfect day for a cup of hot cocoa. There is just something about a nice steaming mug of cocoa that drives the chill out and makes you feel all cozy regardless of the weather outside.

How cool is it that there is a day set aside to celebrate this tasty and heart warming beverage! Don’t you think? What other beverage brings back so many warm and fuzzy memories of snowy days when you were a kid.


My new favorite, even though it’s not traditional hot cocoa, is Snowy Peppermint Hot Chocolate. This is not a true hot coco, as it’s not made with “chocolate”, rather it has white chocolate. I know, white chocolate is not a true chocolate, but this is too yummy to avoid based on that small fact.


Now we cannot overlook the best part of the hot cocoa, the marshmallows. Homemade or store bought, it’s just not a cup of hot cocoa without a tasty marshmallow to top it off. Whipped cream will do if you have it, but my favorite has got to be homemade marshmallows. So tasty!

So regardless of the weather outside or the hour, enjoy a cup with your kids. Celebrate the day!

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