Noisy, and invisible, neighbors

Linda Saunders, Vancouver
About 20 or so years, ago my husband and I took a trip to Victoria, B.C. We stayed at The Olde England Inn, in a room several floors up, in a corner overlooking the garden. It was beautiful and felt as if we had been transported to England.
We had a lovely dinner at the Empress Hotel, overlooking the Inner Harbor, and headed to bed about 11 p.m.

We were both just drifting off to sleep when it sounded as if someone had arrived in the room next to ours, the only other room on our floor. It sounded as if they were moving furniture around in the room.
There was a dragging sound and then a loud thud, then another, and another. This noise went on until the wee hours of the morning, and we finally fell sleep sometime around dawn.
The next morning, when we went down to breakfast, I mentioned to the desk clerks that we hadn’t slept well because the people in the next room were very noisy. They looked at us and asked what we meant.
We told about the dragging and thudding noises.

The two young ladies looked at each other and then at us, saying, “There was no one in that room last night” and “We do have strange things happen in that part of the inn.”
The next night we kept waiting for the noise to start again, but all was silent. Our noisy visitor had decided to take the night off.
We stayed at the inn several more times after that, but we were always in a different room. However, we were both aware of noises in the night and I would peer into the darkness looking for, hopefully, a “friendly spirit.” None ever made an appearance and there were no more “bumps in the night.”

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