Umpqua upset at Australia’s Six Nations Wine Challenge

[caption id="attachment_2136" align="aligncenter" width="471"] Stephen Reustle, owner and winemaker at Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards, and his wife, Gloria, held their first media luncheon ever at The Bent Brick in […]

Wine 101: A grape by any other name…

[caption id="attachment_1252" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Pinot gris grapes in the Grand Cru Wineck-Schlossberg along the Alsace-route-des-vins. Known as pinot grigio in Italy, pinot gris is a crown jewel of Alsace, France.[/caption] While […]

An exquisite wine cave in the heart of the Umpqua Valley

[caption id="attachment_1033" align="aligncenter" width="168"] Our well-appointed, private tasting room in the cave of Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards in the Umpqua Valley[/caption] Sometimes a unique vineyard feature can make the stop seem […]

The Saga of Syrah continues…

I’ve been on this Syrah pairing kick for a couple of days. This will be my last entry for a while…I think. Maybe it’s because I like so many of the […]

Another great Syrah pairing

I was kind of inspired when I opened the bottle of Arbor Crest Syrah a couple nights ago that I purchased at one of many wonderful Friday night wine tastings at […]

Hearty Rice Skillet is homemade ‘fast’ food

I love an easy recipe. You know, you grab a skillet, open a can of this, pour out some frozen vegies and…voila…dinner is ready. To that end, may I introduce […]

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