Current Stoller chardonnay releases show restraint and complexity

Chardonnay…say the word and, like this years’ election, most folks have a strong opinion. “I don’t like chardonnay,” is typically the reaction. No matter how many times wine writers espouse […]

Willamette Valley vineyard returns to winemaking

  Knudsen Vineyards is a well-known name in the Willamette Valley with a history that dates back to its first plantings of pinot noir in 1972. Back then it was the […]

Domaine Divio: Authentic Burgundy comes to Ribbon Ridge

Back in 2008 I had the pleasure of spending a few days in the Jura region of France and the quaint town of Arbois captivated me with the postcard perfect […]

Wine 101: The styles of Chardonnay

Let’s talk Chardonnay. Just the word—chardonnay—evokes emotion in wine drinkers of the conundrum species since so many say they can’t stand the overly oaky or overly buttery flavor of chardonnay […]

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