Month: June 2017

Cheeky Cats Who Chew

Although “appropriate” chewing (to relieve the pain of teething, for example) may be acceptable in kittens, it’s far from acceptable in fully-grown felines. Contrary to the old adage, curiosity may not […]

Cats and Their ZZZZZ’s

Felines are famously known for their catnaps. But as all cat-savvy cat owners know, their precious pusses are also adept at sleeps that surpass both siestas and snoozes. In fact, adult […]

Can Cats Outsmart Canines?

For cat guardians who may have felt their favorite felines have, for too long, played second fiddle to their canine counterparts when it comes to intelligence, a new day could […]

Cats, Coats and Colors

What’s in a name? Everything, especially when distinguishing a cat’s color from a coat’s design. From light to dark, betwixt and between, there’s a purr-fect fit for every feline on […]

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