Month: March 2017

Hairballs: Fiction and Fact

It seems to be one of nature’s more peculiar rules: where there’s a cat, there’s a hairball. Although most cat owners are all too familiar with this feline phenomenon, there ARE […]

Cat Safe Cat Gardens

Although cats are predominantly carnivores, most felines fancy a side of greens with their protein. As cat guardians can attest, their pets have a particular propensity for ingesting the leaves […]

And Baby Makes Three

Pregnant and wondering how to break the news to your kitty cat (who was there first?). Contrary to the fear that an addition to your human family may mean the […]

Felines and First Families

[caption id="attachment_660" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Dubbed the “Chief Executive Cat” by Clinton, Socks had her own fan club page on the White House web site, and her own “inbox” for her […]

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