Month: March 2016

Declawing Cats: An Inhumane Practice

“Help! My cat is clawing up my sofa, should I get her declawed? I hear it’s an easy procedure.” Unfortunately, I have heard this statement more than once. People often mistakenly […]

Poison Prevention Week – What Cat Guardians Need to Know

This year, National Poison Prevention Week is March 20-26.  Usually we think about how to protect ourselves and our family, but many of us overlook some of our most vulnerable […]

Easter’s in sight and spring has sprung

Don’t let the Easter Bunny forget about your fluffy feline when he comes a hopping down the bunny trail. Remember the kitties with a basket filled with goodies they will […]

Caring for Cats in Winter

In the Pacific Northwest, the coldest months are probably in January and February.  However, the next couple of months can still be chilly and wet, and we've been surprised more […]

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