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Ten helpful hints to making your loved ones’ athletic experience the best it can be.

March is one of my favorite months out of the year because spring sports across the Northwest get going and I’m a big spring sports fan. I participated in four of them growing up (organized baseball, tennis, soccer and track) and the unseasonably warm and dry weather so far this month has meant lots of kids […]

Why Mike Riley’s departure from Oregon State is a win all the way around

It wasn’t shocking news today that the University of Nebraksa plucked its next head coach from an Oregon college. The shocking news was that it wasn’t former Cornhusker national-champion quarterback and current Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost, but the coach who has seemingly been at Oregon State forever, Mike Riley who was named the newest […]

Ditch baseball’s “unwritten rules” and help save the game

It should come as no surprise to the loyal readers of this blog that baseball is my favorite sport. That’s why it stings a little bit that baseball is becoming less popular to watch and play…especially among those age 30 and younger. I can see why this is happening. Baseball equipment is expensive to play, the pace of […]

Go big or go home? Not so much when it comes to high school athletics…

Yes, i know, it’s been awhile since I’ve written…spingtime/early summer is a very busy time for our family. One of the topics we often discussed in the car rides to and from practices/games was about high school (my son is just about there) and which is better to attend…smaller or bigger schools in reference to athletics? […]

What the Sterling mess is really all about, and how we can learn from it

My apologies for not having written in awhile…vacations, a busy spring sports season and a case of writer’s block have contributed to the absence. But along comes Donald Sterling, a man whose surname means one thing but he as a man is anything but. And man do I have the writing bug again…. For those […]

The return of “Paul’s Potpourri”…

One of my favorite column formats when I was an “ace cub reporter” as my stepdad called me was a few short graphs on several different subjects. I used to call it “Paul’s Potpourri”. A fad called Throwback Thursday has become popular on the social networks so in a Throwback Thursday of my own here’s […]

Take advantage of the good weather…switch baseball and football in the PNW

BLOGGER’S NOTE – I have decided to discontinue the three-part “Little League Lessons” blog posts. The subject matter as well as the blog format make this topic not a good fit for these pages. I apologize for the confusion. I posed this question on my Facebook page last week whether baseball and football should switch […]

Little League Lessons – How a boy realized his dream (and let it slip away) – Part 1 – The Beginning

This blog post is part one of a three-part story about baseball and a boy, and a girl, and a boy, and then several boys, and then eventually men and women…and then one man who always made it about himself, but didn’t deal with the one thing he should have. PART ONE – THE BEGINNING […]

A Super Blog post….offering my thoughts/prediction on the big game…

Ahh….Super Bowl 48…the battle of the irresistible force (Denver’s offense) vs. the immovable object (Seattle’s defense)…the collision course we saw coming at around Thanksgiving has finally come to a head tomorrow as the Broncos and the Seahawks will do battle this Sunday for all the marbles. I didn’t want to be the only blogger in […]

Size does matter…but $$$$ matters more and should be a factor in school classifications

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) just completed its every-other-year mission of re-classifying schools based on their grade 10 – 12 enrollment. It has been doing this for quite some time…even when I was in high school and I’ve always been interested in the outcome. Probably because our school was always on the border between […]

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