Month: June 2014

Mudslide Trifle

So, I figured it out. A mudslide, which can be an awful, devastating natural disaster but also makes for a very interesting title for a gooey, chocolatey dessert, is represented in the […]

Blonde Brownie Ice Cream Cake

I'm pretty sure that brownies and ice cream is a combination that is just universally well-liked. So guess what I did? (Hint: refer to the title of this post). Yes, […]

Fried Chocolate Marshmallow Wontons

Wonton. It's a fun word. Frying things is also fun. Eating fried things is fun too. Especially if they have chocolate and marshmallow on the inside. And if they have […]

Blackberry Limoncello Tarts

Guys, guys, guys! I went to the Portland Rose Festival last night and got to eat fried rose petals! Don't believe me? Lookey lookey right down here . . . See? That's […]

Cookies ‘N Cream Cupcakes

I distinctly remember eating cookies 'n cream bars as a kid during those times when my grandma would walk my brother, sister, and I over to the grocery store and buy […]

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