chris horne

The skinny on that new attorney

A new attorney joined the table at the Clark County council’s workshop on the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan on Wednesday, a fact that appeared to come as a surprise to […]

Be prepared for Clark County meetings with ‘fill-in-the-blank’ story

A proposed charter amendment introduced by Councilor David Madore, despite apparent disinterest from a majority of councilors, appears doomed to suffer a slow, drawn-out death. Late last year, Madore, supported by […]

Clark County could be testing ground for social media policy

As we often do here on All Politics is Local, we turn to the controversial subject of Clark County Councilor David Madore’s Facebook page. You know, the one that apparently isn’t […]

More backtracking slated for Clark County council

It’s been a rough week for Councilor David Madore, and next week likely isn’t going to get much better. The council by a vote of 3 to 2 — due to […]

Communication breakdown

Clark County Commissioner David Madore did something this week he rarely does: He apologized. Not to me, but I'll get to that. The apology stemmed from something he wrote on his Facebook […]

So three lawyers walk into a C-Tran meeting…

Sounds like the setup to a bad joke, right? If only. Three attorneys -- or their legal opinions, anyway -- took center stage Tuesday before the committee mulling a possible […]

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