Rundown of speakers from Vancouver council meeting

At the start of Monday’s public hearing on oil terminal-related resolutions, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt told speakers they’d have three minutes each and they only had to state their names, not addresses, so long as they provided those when they signed up.

Since the hearing, people on both sides of the issue have questioned where speakers came from.

According to the notes I received from the city manager’s office, 102 people spoke, not 101 as previously announced.

Of 102 speakers, 70 were from Vancouver and another 8 people were from elsewhere in Clark County.

Other cities represented: Portland (9), Olympia (2), Seattle (1), Mount Vernon (1), Lynden (1), Tualtatin, Ore., (1), Milwaukie, Ore., (1), West Linn, Ore., (1), Tacoma (1), Mead (1), Arlington (1), Mountlake Terrace (2), Spokane (1) and Beaver Creek, Ore., (1).

Now, how did people feel? Of the 102 speakers, 64 urged the council to adopt both resolutions, while 30 people opposed the resolutions. Five speakers said the council should intervene in the EFSEC process but not approve the anti-terminal resolution. And three people (including Mike Bomar of the Columbia River Economic Development Council and Kelly Parker of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce) were neutral.

So how many of the 35 speakers who asked the council to not adopt a city policy against Bakken crude oil projects were from outside Clark County? Fourteen. Speakers urging a “no” vote on the policy also included 11 people who work for Tesoro, Savage, the Port of Vancouver or BNSF.

Ten of the 64 people who urged the council to pass both resolutions were from outside of Clark County.


Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

I cover Vancouver city government. Reach me at or 360-735-4508.

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