Rock me Amadeus

Blog posts come from everywhere, even our coworkers.

Like this one, where a member of our copy desk walked by as I was watching the Vancouver City Council get started with their meeting from my spot in The Columbian offices.

“What song is that?” he asked, and peppered me for more info, like whether it changed all the time or not.

Not sure if you know this, but like most know-it-alls, we journalists don’t like not being able to answer a question.

Stephanie Anderson of CVTV to the rescue:
The song is “Overture B-flat Major (4th movement of 8)” by Georg Philipp Telemann, performed by the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra.

With strains of harpsichord and violins, the piece really does add an air of dignity and class as the city council settles in behind the dais.

Of course, we know how things really are at City Hall.

So we’re taking nominations for alternate theme songs.

A few that came to our minds:

Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor.

Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga.

Who Let the Dogs Out?” Baha Men.

Highway to Hell,” AC/DC.

Of course, Anderson said, CVTV isn’t in the business of playing copyrighted music — so don’t get your hopes up for a change.

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