Month: April 2012

Tanner releases military service record

Joe Tanner, a Ridgefield Democrat running for the Board of Clark County Commissioners, released his DD-214 from the U.S. Navy on Monday. Tanner released the record because two conservative bloggers, Lew […]

Mielke loses street fight

Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke put up a fight to expand the minimum width of urban residential streets from 28 feet to 36 feet in unincorporated areas, but was outvoted […]

Where am I?

It's come to our attention that many people have no idea where they are. Or more specifically, where their home is located. You see, you can have a "Vancouver, WA" address, […]

Pissing Match

As the county government reporter, it's not unusual that I get anonymous emails from county employees. But this morning I opened up an email that I will rate as one […]

Highest rate, average taxes

Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart couldn't keep quiet Tuesday after his fellow commissioner, Tom Mielke, said during a public meeting that the county has the highest property taxes in the […]

Public officials for auction

Now, as someone who has to attend government meetings and hang out with elected officials for a living, I can barely fathom how someone would PAY (rather than be paid) […]

Drinking, toking and the CRC

Earlier this month I taped a segment of "Clark County Focus" for CVTV with Commissioner Steve Stuart. You can watch the show here. We started by talking about the decision to limit […]

Four-faced Tim

Everybody's fav bffs are at it again. Anti-Columbia River Crossing crusader David Madore's website posted about Mayor Tim Leavitt and included this photo: Source: Leavitt, complete with scales and lizard eyes. Not long […]

(Not) Preaching to the Choir

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay, a new face on the Metro Policy Advisory Committee, created quite the splash during a meeting last week. During the April 11 meeting, he told members […]

Wastewater power plays

As reported in January, the Columbia River Economic Development Council's latest study showed a serious lack of large, shovel-ready spaces for businesses. The article, "Few places to build jobs," included a […]

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