Public officials for auction

Now, as someone who has to attend government meetings and hang out with elected officials for a living, I can barely fathom how someone would PAY (rather than be paid) to spend an hour with them.

OK, that’s not entirely true. In an informal setting, many of them are delightful — and in this case, the sale of time with some of Clark County’s politicians was for a good cause.

Some six officials put a lunch or dinner with them up for auction to help raise money for the Clark County Veterans Assistance Center, which helps veterans with community reintegration — including employment training, education and family counseling.

But down to what you really want to know: How much did these guys go for? Here’s your answer:

  • Dinner with Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt: $505

  • Lunch with Vancouver Councilor Jeanne Stewart: $300

  • Lunch with Rep. Tim Probst (D, 17th): $225

  • Lunch with Rep. Jim Moeller (D, 49th): $225

  • Lunch with Vancouver Councilor Larry Smith: $225

  • Lunch with Vancouver Councilor Bill Turlay: $225

CCVAC’s secretary Judy Russel, who hooked us up with the info, said the gala held this month was great fun.

Congrats to the generous winners of the auction — we hope your meal with your elected official of choice is also great fun.

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