Four-faced Tim

Everybody’s fav bffs are at it again.

Anti-Columbia River Crossing crusader David Madore’s website posted about Mayor Tim Leavitt and included this photo:


Leavitt, complete with scales and lizard eyes.

Not long after the image went up — and was promoted in a tweet with “This graphic is ‘one of a kind'” — the reptilian mayor version was pulled, and replaced with a friendlier, scale-less four-headed Leavitt:


Leavitt weighed in, and we follow with a response from Madore.

“Our Community deserves better than this.

I was told the photo has a very iconic look to it, likely religious in nature. It appears to symbolize a beast from the Book of Revelations or someone that is possessed by the devil. Blending politics and religion in this attacking manner is inexcusable.

It’s truly unfortunate that Madore uses his resources to destroy the civility of our Community.

This latest maneuver is just another example of his three-ring circus.

Manipulated videos. Deceptive public statements. Malicious hit-pieces.

And now, a nasty photo depiction.

And this guy wants to be our County Commissioner?

At best, this is disturbing…”

Madore responds:

“I have not seen the picture you are talking about. Whatever it was, know this: Political cartoons are part of America’s freedom of the press and I stand behind that freedom. None of us, especially politicians, should take ourselves so seriously that we cannot laugh at ourselves. Caricatures that politicians find offensive are precisely the kinds of freedoms that citizens and the press need to protect. I do not subscribe to the nonsense that we must stifle expressions to be politically correct. I will not be intimidated by politicians who think that they have the right to censor that freedom.

If ever I get elected to public office, I will continue to support the freedom of any citizen or media to create and publish whatever caricatures of me that they want, however uncomplimentary or laughable. I will not demonize or attack those that engage in that freedom. I appreciate America, where we can laugh out loud at ourselves and our politicians.

So Tim Leavitt, lighten up. You are not so important that we must shrink from caricaturizing you any way that we want.”

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