Peepcouver USA

We’re about to give you a Vancouver City Council style peep show.

Not that kind! Instead, think more along the lines of the Washington Post’s wildly successful Easter tradition of Peep dioramas.

Faced with a few extra minutes to kill before my meeting — and an uneaten stack of these sugary delights I attempted to offload on an office that was not receptive — the meeting mavens and I sprung into action.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have:
Jack Burk-peep; Peep Hansen; Bill Tur-peep; Mayor Timo-peep D. Leavitt; Jean-peep Harris; Jean-peep Stewart; and Larry “Peep” Smith.


Sorry that the ladies look headless — they’re chick peeps, not rabbits. Thought that would be clever. (And we ran out of rabbits).

Sorry if you look a little fat Peep Hansen — Stephanie smushed you a little bit trying to get you to stand up.

And, in honor of tonight’s citizen’s forum at 6:30 p.m., we also thought we’d include a speaker:


(Yes. We keep plastic dinosaurs on hand, as well as mini U.S. flags and a city of Vancouver pin.)

Happy Easter Monday, Peep-le!

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