Never too early for shaking hands, making speeches

Filing week is five weeks away, but campaign season is underway in Clark County.

Democrat Ron Barca, who is running for the Board of Clark County Commissioners against incumbent Tom Mielke, a Republican, and Democrat Joe Tanner, kicked off his campaign March 24 at Heison House Vineyards in Battle Ground.

Tanner will get his campaign rolling 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at Mill Creek Pub in Battle Ground.

Barca said about 60 people attended his event, and, here’s a fun fact, there were three electric cars in the parking lot including Barca’s i-MiEV.


“I think it went pretty well,” Barca said last week. The framework for his speech was based on these five points, which include his approach to economic development and vision for the county’s future. (If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can read about Barca’s points on his website.)

Attendees included Commissioner Steve Stuart:


Check the blog later this week for details on Tanner’s event. As for Mielke, I haven’t received any notices for fundraising events but Mielke did stir up the crowd at the March 31 GOP convention by finishing his short speech with this rally cry: “I’m still a God-loving, gun-toting Christian, and I need your vote to go back!”

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