Leavitt pulls a Marilyn

No, he didn’t don a sparkly dress or dye his hair platinum, a la Marilyn Monroe, but now both Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and the blonde bombshell have videos of themselves singing “interesting” renditions of the song “Happy Birthday” on YouTube.

Leavitt’s was featured in a series of video tributes to the Port of Vancouver for it’s 100th Anniversary.

Monroe’s, of course, was from a 1962 fete for President John F. Kennedy.

We have to give kudos to whomever at CVTV or the port tried to jazz Leavitt’s version up with some backup instrumentation and even some balloon graphics.

Even so, he’s no Obama.

But, as reader Randy Meuller put it during last week’s live chat with the mayor, it’s best Leavitt doesn’t quit his day jobs.

“Please don’t sing in public again. Ever. :-)” Meuller asked.

We won’t go so far as to make that request — we’re always looking for good blog fodder.

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