Fair-weather exerciser

The Clark County Commissioners care about your health, even if they don’t practice what they preach.

County public health staff gave a presentation to commissioners Wednesday morning on the health chapter for the comprehensive growth management plan.

The health chapter looks at how the built environment – like access to healthy food; parks and open spaces; and affordable housing – impacts health and how policies can encourage people to make healthier choices.

The work session wrapped up in about an hour and 15 minutes (County Administrator Bill Barron wasn’t there to crack the whip on the Chatty Cathy commissioners).

Afterward, Axel Swanson, the commissioners’ senior policy adviser, suggested the plan not only look at parks for recreation but also consider recreation during the winter months.

How about covered basketball courts instead of a new walking path or working with private businesses to bring batting cages or other indoor activities for local kids, he suggested.

Those ideas prompted this confession from Commissioner Steve Stuart:

“I live very close to here, and I drive all the time to this spot,” he said of the Public Service Center.

“Should I walk or ride my bike? Sure,” he said.

But in the winter months Stuart said he drives because, “It’s cold and wet, and I’m wearing a suit.”

“I become a fair-weather exerciser,” he added.

After the meeting, Stuart continued the bicycle riding discussion with Axel.

Then he looked toward the back of the room, pointed his finger at me and, in his best third-grader-tattling-on-the-kid-who-stole-his-ball tone, said, “And they make fun of me when I ride my bike.”

By “make fun of me” we assume Commissioner Stuart means “post a picture of me riding a girl bike.”


I asked Stuart if he had revamped the bike to make it a little less teenage girl-ish.

“I did! I butched it up!” he insisted.

Photo — or it doesn’t exist.

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