Builders’ Voting Guide

Ballots will be mailed Oct. 15, and employees who work for members of the Building Industry Association of Clark County are receiving something a little extra with their paychecks. (And if you work for a company that hands out “how to vote” fliers with your paychecks, email a copy to me and I’ll blog it.)

According to the BIA’s website, the trade association represents more than 10,000 employees in the construction industry.

Here’s what the BIA put together (for some reason I am unable to post the flier.)

“Ballots are being mailed on Oct. 15, 2012. Please put a copy of this BIA SAMPLE BALLOT in all employee pay stub envelopes during the month of October, 2012.”

“Please vote for BIA endorsed candidates by Tuesday, Nov. 6.”

“The 2012 Elections Will Impact Your Livelihood for Years to Come. Every Vote Will Count!”

Washington Statewide Races

Governor – Rob McKenna

Attorney General – Reagan Dunn

Lt. Governor – Brad Owen

Secretary of State – Kim Wyman

WA Supreme Court #9 – Richard Sanders

Clark County Races

Clark Co. Commissioner Dist. 1 – Joe Tanner

Clark Co. Commissioner Dist. 2 – Marc Boldt

Clark Public Utilities Commissioner Dist. 1- Julia Anderson

Washington Legislative Races

17th Senate – Don Benton

17th State Rep., Pos. 1 – Julie Olson

17th State Rep., Pos. 2 – Paul Harris

18th Senate – Ann Rivers

18th State Rep., Pos. 1 – Brandon Vick

18th State Rep., Pos. 2 – Liz Pike

Liz Pike, the organization’s political affairs director (who, because she’s on the ballot this year, said she did not participate in deciding endorsements) said the sample ballots are included with pay stub envelopes as a method to reach every employee.

The endorsed candidates have been thoroughly vetted by the BIA and are allies of the building industry, Pike said. It’s in the employees’ best interest to vote for the candidates who will support development.

With the exception of Brad Owen, Joe Tanner and nonpartisan candidates, all of the endorsed candidates are Republicans — not surprising. What is noteworthy? The BIA did not endorse any candidates in the blue 49th Legislative District, where the Republican candidates are Eileen Qutub, Carolyn Crain and Debbie Peterson.

Anyone out there who works in a different industry want to share a voting guide? Email

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