Month: September 2018

Don Benton takes a trip to Hawaii, violates Hatch Act on the way?

Former Washington state senator and Clark County Environmental Services department head Don Benton is in the news again. Unrelated to his controversial appointment to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Selective Service […]

It’s her debate, you can come if you want to

A lack of debates quickly became a campaign issue in the race for the 3rd Congressional District. So much so that one of the candidates is hosting a debate of their […]

What happened when the owner of a gun store attended a gun control initiative event

In a story full of suspense, intrigue and subterfuge, the owner of a local gun store attempted to pull off a covert mission but was cornered while trying to use […]

Building Industry Announces endorsements

In endorsement news, a political action committee associated with the Building Industry Association of Clark County has announced their final endorsements for the November general election. Surprise! They endorsed all […]

Herrera Beutler ranked No. 15 for bipartisanship

Each year, the Lugar Center ranks members of the legislature based on their willingness to work across the aisle. The list is produced in tandem with Georgetown University’s McCourt School of […]

An act of protest

  Jan Tyger had to wait for Halloween decorations to go on sale before she could carry out an act of protest she's been planning for a while. When the time was […]

Cantwell backing Long

In today's non-surprising endorsement news, Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District Carolyn Long has earned the support of Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash. Long is running against Rep. Jaime Herrera […]

Who retailers and 18th Legislative District Republicans think you should vote for

Let’s check in on some of the endorsements being made in the upcoming November general election. Late last week, the 18th Legislative District Republicans issued their endorsements for local, state and […]

Vancouver mayor worried about repeating county records blunder

Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle is concerned about “squishy language” included in a new email and social media policy governing the council. McEnerny-Ogle wanted the policy to mandate that councilors keep their […]

The Clark County Council had an atheist invocation, and they got an earful

The agenda for Clark County Council’s Tuesday night meeting included a few, dry, routine items, such as approval of minutes, warrants, land divisions and (unofficially) some very vocal atheism. Last year, […]

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