Month: February 2014

Heartbreak Hall

The Vancouver City Council will take a more prominent role in the state-level permitting process for a proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver. Several opponents to the Tesoro […]

Worries about feds not grounded in reality?

At Monday's council workshop on marijuana retail outlets, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt asked City Attorney Ted Gathe about the fears expressed by county commissioners that employees will be busted by the […]

At the car wash

With floodgates opened for new jobs because of permit and traffic fee waivers, Clark County will get — drumroll please — a car wash. Okay, the county will get a little more than that.There […]

Leavitt dutifully recycles “junk mail”

Last week, I wrote a post about how Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke were having staff spread the word about their integrity resolution, and I predicted that Vancouver Mayor […]

Mielke opens mouth, blog post falls out

  Hey, thanks Commissioner Mielke! Employee evaluations are exempt from public disclosure  -- but by mentioning Don Benton's evaluation during a public meeting, the exemption was waived. This makes for an […]

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