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Felines and Fireworks

  National holidays, while celebrated by people, aren’t always cause for celebration by our cats. For them, a holiday like the 4th of JULY means one thing: fireworks. Or simply put: […]

Testosterone for Women? The Benefits & Risks

Last week we discussed Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for men. It may be surprising to learn that many women are now taking testosterone as part of their health plan too. […]

Salted Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Bars

It’s fun in the sun and it’s all about adventure. If you want to go where the next road takes you, be prepared. Get packed for your journeys with plenty […]

Radio for The Blind..

UPDATE ALL..... CGR Radio 4 is "Willie The Legend Country Radio" (yes Mr.Nelson knows!!). CGR Classic Country 1950-90 Classic Country with over 40,000 songs(7/24)unless the following is on. M-F 4-7 PM Pre […]

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men: The Benefits & Risks

Recently, I have learned that many male friends and colleagues are taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). This prompted me to research the potential benefits and risks and host a workshop […]

Cheddar Brisket Crunch Burger

Dads, your day is here. Father’s Day, the biggest Dadfest of ‘em all has arrived. It’s all about the burgers and brews, the huge juicy steak, a grill full of […]

JUNE Is National Adopt A Cat Month

Started in 1974 by the American Humane Association, June has, since then, been known as National Adopt a Cat Month. And its significance is doubly meaningful because June is also […]

3rd Congressional candidates react to Trump verdict

Following Donald Trump’s May 30 conviction on 34 felony counts, 3rd Congressional District candidate Leslie Lewallen, a Camas Republican, issued a statement calling the trial a “political witch-hunt carried out […]

Battle Ground council split on Pride Month proclamation

With a vote of 4-3, the Battle Ground City Council narrowly approved a proclamation recognizing June 2024 as Pride Month. Councilors Troy McCoy, Shane Bowman, Adrian Cortes and Cherish DesRochers voted […]

Perez asks railroad to keep crossings open

U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Skamania, recently sent a letter to Katie Farmer, president and CEO of BNSF Railway, about reports of blocked crossings in Perez’s home county. Residents of Skamania […]

10 Healthy Snacks to Curb Any Craving

Snacking is often seen as the enemy of a healthy diet, but it doesn't have to be. The key is to choose snacks that are both nutritious and satisfying. 10 […]

Paris Ackerman and Kathryn Chapin top 2A Greater St. Helens League girls track and field all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Athlete of the year: Paris Ackerman, so., Hudson’s Bay Field athlete of the year: Kathryn Chapin, sr., R.A. Long FIRST TEAM McKenna Calkins, so., 100, Ridgefield Paris Ackerman, […]

Revac Banfield, Johan DuBois, Eli Wenger top 2A Greater St. Helens League boys track and field all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Athlete of the year: Revac Banfield, jr., Columbia River Field athletes of the year: Johan DuBois, sr., Hudson’s Bay; Eli Wenger, sr., Columbia River FIRST TEAM Revac […]

Loaded Chopped Caesar

You know it’s almost summer: the weather has changed enough that you’re wearing sandals, but you still want to order your lattes hot. It won’t be long until we’re in […]

Rep. Perez lands endorsement from Washington’s largest police union

U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez this week picked up an endorsement from the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, the state’s largest and oldest police union. “I’m absolutely honored to be […]

Stop Running Red Lights on Your Fitness Journey!

In the pursuit of fitness and wellness, mistakes and missed goals are inevitable. Whether it's skipping a workout, indulging in an unhealthy meal, or not hitting a personal best, these […]

Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake

One day every year, life smiles its brightest at you and gives you a perfect opportunity to celebrate. Whether you round up a handful of friends, or gather at home […]

Elsa Bice of Prairie, Brynn DeSantis and Lexi Frost of Mountain View top 3A Greater St. Helens League girls tennis all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Singles player of the year: Elsa Bice, Prairie Doubles players of the year: Brynn DeSantis and Lexi Frost, Mountain View FIRST TEAM Singles Addie Simonsmeier, Mountain View Leah McReary, […]

Links to 2024 spring all-league teams in Southwest Washington

Links to spring all-league teams in Southwest Washington for 2024: 4A GREATER ST. HELENS LEAGUE Baseball Softball Boys soccer Girls track and field Boys track and field Girls tennis Girls golf 3A GREATER ST. HELENS LEAGUE Baseball Softball Boys soccer Girls track and […]

Hailey Kerker, Fiona Zou, Taryn Kerker of Camas top 4A Greater St. Helens girls tennis all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Singles player of the year: Hailey Kerker, Camas Doubles players of the year: Fiona Zou and Taryn Kerker, Camas FIRST TEAM Singles Annie Sheppert, Skyview Avery Fisher, Camas Yvonne Yin, […]

Maddy Moore of Prairie tops 3A Greater St. Helens League girls golf all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Player of the year: Maddy Moore, Prairie FIRST TEAM Lucia Hill, Prairie Camryn Perry, Mountain View Josie Kuffner, Mountain View Lydia Schwenker, Heritage Dawsyn Piovesan, Evergreen Coach of the year: BJ […]

Jacinda Lee of Camas tops 4A Greater St. Helens League girls golf all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Player of the year: Jacinda Lee, Camas FIRST TEAM Rachel Rerick, Camas Jasmine Chen, Camas Morgan Schlesinger, Camas Ava Robertson, Battle Ground Chloe Wu, Camas Coach of the year: Bob Foster, […]

Solomon Ogbeama and Will Foster of Prairie top 3A Greater St. Helens League boys track and field all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Track athlete of the year: Solomon Ogbeama, Prairie Field athlete of the year: Will Foster, Prairie FIRST TEAM Solomon Ogbeama, sr., 100, Prairie James Bethune, jr., 100, Evergreen Solomon […]

Margarita Mahei of Heritage, Avery Ness of Kelso top 3A Greater St. Helens League girls track and field all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Track athlete of the year: Margarita Mahei, Heritage Field athlete of the year: Avery Ness, Kelso FIRST TEAM Makayla Lawrence, fr., 100, Heritage Zamorah Frazier, so., 100, Mountain […]

Max Ensinger, Eric Botnen, Noah McBroom top 4A Greater St. Helens League boys track and field all-league team

All-league team as selected by league coaches: Track and field athletes of the year: Max Ensinger, sr., Camas; Eric Botnen, sr., Skyview; Noah McBroom, sr., Union FIRST TEAM Jack Macdonald, jr., 100, Camas Eric […]

Working Out Is Like Brushing Your Teeth

I was teaching at a resort recently and I asked one of the guests if he would like to participate in my fitness class. His response was “No way. I’m […]

Chive Pesto Potato Salad

Ready or not, here comes summer! You know it’s time when you reach for short sleeves more often than not and start to notice everything around you turning an even […]

Health Tests – What’s the Bare Minimum?

It’s important to work closely with your physician to regularly monitor critical health metrics. There are an unlimited number of tests that can be ordered and reviewed so it can […]

Chokladbollar (Chocolate Balls)

Spring greening equals spring cleaning. While you transition your home for the summer, it’s also a great time for some organization. This year, while I’m doing deeper dusting and vacuuming, […]

Poll commissioned by Lewallen campaign finds Clark County Republicans eager for candidates beyond Kent in race for 3rd Congressional District

A recent poll commissioned by the campaign of 3rd Congressional District candidate Leslie Lewallen, R-Camas, found that Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Skamania, has relatively low-name recognition across the district, and […]

County council asks for I-5 bridge safety analysis

In the wake of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Maryland on March 26, the Clark County Council is calling for a thorough safety analysis of the Interstate 5 […]

Exercise Snacks May Be Better Than Prolonged Exercise

In today's fast-paced world, finding time for a traditional workout routine can be challenging. Between work, family commitments, and other responsibilities, the idea of setting aside a dedicated block of […]

Why Cats Sleep in Bathrooms

Is YOUR favorite feline fascinated by the idea of bedding down in your bathroom? If so, consider these paws-ible explanations for it.   Bathrooms are typically cooler than the rest of […]

Carrot and Ginger Tea Sandwiches and Blackberry Elderflower Spritzers

Of all the cards, flowers, and gifts I gave mom through the years, none of them could ever outshine the Mother’s Day breakfast in bed I made for her when […]

Fiber For Your Health

In the realm of nutrition, there's one powerhouse that we should all be paying attention to and that’s the power of fiber. It’s one of the reasons that almost every […]

May is National Microchip Month

Millions of cats go missing each year, and statistically, those without microchips have less than a 5% chance of being reunited with their families. Cats with microchips, on the other […]

Shrimp-Avocado and Grilled Steak Tostadas

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by cooking up something spicy with your choice of two tostadas. Crisp, crunchy corn tortillas loaded with your favorite toppings make the perfect meal and they’re […]

Enhancing Sleep Using the QQRT Protocol

When one commits to adopting a health and fitness plan, they often don’t consider sleep. However, achieving restful and rejuvenating sleep is absolutely crucial for overall health and impacts every […]

Mediterranean Mezze Dip

In our early dating days, my soon-to-be husband had to take a trip to Canada. His flight home was going to arrive very early, but I agreed to pick him […]

The Harmful Effects of Smoking

My sister was a smoker and she died from lung cancer at the age of 55. She raised her daughter as a single mother often working two jobs to provide […]

Why Kitty “Guards” Your Door

Is your favorite feline fond of “guarding” your door – whether bathroom or bedroom -- when you close it behind you? Have you ever wondered why? If so, consider the […]

Peruvian-Style Chicken with Green Sauce

Take your taste buds somewhere new and different this week with this easy Peruvian-Style Chicken with Green Sauce. Everything cooks on a sheet pan, hands free for you, which makes […]

Why Do Cats Lick the Carpet?

Does YOUR favorite feline companion enjoy licking the carpet? If so, have you ever considered the paws-ible reasons behind this behavior? It “tastes” good: Because cats have a highly developed […]

Can Cats Consume Celery?

Curious as to whether it’s safe for cats to crunch on celery? The short answer is “yes.” But, as with everything edible, it’s safest in moderation. Chock-o-block full of fiber, celery […]

Ear Infections in Cats

Does the sight of your kitty shaking her head and scratching either one or both of her ears have you worried? If so, the likely culprit is an ear infection.   Not […]

Radio for The Blind and Disabled in Vancouver Washington

Community Growth Radio (CGR) offers News, Information, Community Programming that is very target-specific for The Blind, Visually Impaired, The Disabled, The 50 Plus, and Veterans by providing timely subjects from […]

Does YOUR Kitty Drink from the Toilet?

If YOUR favorite feline finds drinking from the toilet a paw-leasure, have you ever wondered why? And how to break her of this less than sanitary habit? Cats don’t “consider” […]

Radio Network for The Blind, Visually Impaired, The Disabled and Veterans!

CGR Radio for the Blind, Disabled, Seniors and Veterans, is a FREE Radio Network(online)7/24/365 with 4 online audio streams featuring programming such as newspaper-book-magazine readings, educational, community focused, entertainment and […]

February Is Spay/Neuter Month

The problem of cat overpopulation is a global one and requires a solution on a global scale. But like every journey that begins with a single step, this particular journey […]

Rep. Waters’ fish barrier bill moves forward

House Bill 2045 from 17th District Rep. Kevin Waters, R-Stevenson, took another step closer to becoming law this week. If passed, the bill would help with the removal of fish […]

Some familiar names among planning commission candidates

Clark County’s search for volunteers to serve on the planning commission is bringing back some familiar names. Following an executive session meeting on Wednesday, the county council voted to interview five […]

New year brings new leadership to Ridgefield, Battle Ground

The start of the new year brought with it some changes to leadership for both Ridgefield and Battle Ground. At the Battle Ground City Council’s first meeting of the year on […]

Southwest Washington lawmakers off to a busy start

Southwest Washington lawmakers had a busy first week in Olympia with several bills already well on their way toward passing. The 2024 legislative session convened on Monday. House Bill 1455, which […]

Medvigy, Belkot to lead county council in 2024

The Clark County Council has a new chair and vice chair. District 4 Councilor Gary Medvigy will serve as chair and District 2 Councilor Michelle Belkot will serve as vice […]

CGR Radio for the blind is growing!

Community Growth Radio in Vancouver Washington/Clark County has ADDED a NEW stream(#6)per request from our Blind, Visually Impaired and Disabled is non commercial and NO ads and NO membership […]

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