Radio Network for The Blind, Visually Impaired, The Disabled and Veterans!

CGR Radio for the Blind, Disabled, Seniors and Veterans, is a FREE Radio Network(online)7/24/365 with 4 online audio streams featuring programming such as newspaper-book-magazine readings, educational, community focused, entertainment and more..NOW CGR RADIO has added a stream for our Asian American Community in Oregon/SW Washington, STREAM#4 is now broadcasting Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese 7/24/ thus broadcasting news, books, magazines and such readings for The Blind and or Disabled Asian Americans…

CGR Radio has been serving SW Washington and Oregon since 2012, and is one of 30 similar such services in the US and is recognized as a viable and educational audio tool filled with programming from all over and from other radio networks for the blind. CGR is non commercial…CGR/NWAIS/CCAIS and other related names are registered with The Washington DOL and registered as trade names and legal ownership.

CGR Radio has 4 streams offering programming that is VERY target specific.


CGR #1 is rebroadcasted on KFAE 89.1 Tri-Cities Washington, via their FM SCA 67Khz subcarrier, and KPBX FM in Spokane Wa 91.1 via their 67 Khz SCA(a special radio is needed to tune in SCA)and KPBX FM Translators heard in parts of WA, OR, ID, MT and BC Canada. These radios are pre tuned to either 67 or 92 Khz because many nursing homes use them for their residents and may not adapt to current technology or PC or Apps…SCA is still used in many Radio Reading Services to this day…

YES all streams work, but chrome has issues with many on line radio streams(may be blocked)by a firewall and FIREFOX works best!!!

To find CGR Radio on line(website)search for “CGR WIX”

CGR/NWAIS/CCAIS and other names are owned by Gerald R.Gaule (owner/manager/engineer).

CGR Radio is a member of Pacifica Radio, PRX, ACB Radio, Program Share(International Association of Audio Information Services).(Please copy link below and paste it in your browser such as GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, and others!!

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