Month: June 2011

Hot 4th of July, or more of the same?

As we look ahead to the 4th of July weekend people are wondering, will we see a cool and drippy holiday weekend or will the latest long range models bless […]

Another 80 Degree Day In The Bag

Happy summer everyone! Summer is officially here and with it comes another 80 degree day in both Portland and Vancouver. Under normal circumstances that would not be a big deal […]

Finally On Facebook & This Weeks Weather

By now we have all heard the saying, "save the best for last," right? Well, just last week I finally took the plunge into Facebook as a means to better […]

Dry Weather For Grand Floral Parade

Do you like your Grand Floral Parade dry? Well, you may just be in luck this year. Unlike many Rose Festivals of the past, this year looks like it will […]

Could it really be? 80 degrees?

Wake up everyone! Can you believe what you have read and heard lately? Could it really reach 80 degrees this weekend in the Portland / Vancouver metro area? Indeed, much […]

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