Month: July 2015

Move That Body

It’s hard to be great if you don’t feel great. It’s hard to live your best life and achieve all your dreams if you’re not at your physical best.  Unfortunately, more […]

Watch Your Words Around Girls (and Boys!)

It is the season of swim suits and minimal clothing which can often lead people to be more conscious of their bodies and can result in depression and/or negative body […]

Eating Healthy & Staying Lean in the Summer

You would think with the nicer weather and longer days, we’d all be getting plenty more activity during the summer and leaning up nicely. But that’s not often the case. […]

Staying Fit in the Heat

With the mercury hitting 90 degrees so many days in a row in the NW, it’s causing lethargy in even the most energetic fitness fanatics. Here’s some tips to keep […]

Camping Workout

It’s the season to camp but it doesn’t have to be the season to slack off on your workouts! Many people decide to take a 2 month sabbatical during the […]

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