Month: August 2013

Fall Back Into Fitness, Fall Back Into YOU!

Kids are back to school soon.  Yahoo!  Oops, did I say that out loud?! :) September is a very busy time in the fitness industry, only second to New Year’s Resolutions.  […]

Sign It – Your Fitness Commitment!

Sign It – Your Fitness Commitment! Here at Northwest Personal Training each new client signs a Fitness & Training Commitment. This signed agreement serves as a reminder of the commitment that […]

How Stress And Lack of Sleep Make You Fat

Have heard how stress and lack of sleep makes you fat? Let's face it, it’s common for people to be running from appointment to appointment, deadline to deadline always feeling behind […]

Be a Fitness Mentor

Yep, you can be a fitness mentor! Are you one of the lucky few fitness fanatics?  You have no problem getting up every morning and getting to the gym for your […]

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