Author: Paris Achen

Never fear, bar poll’s still here

The Clark County Bar Association’s forum for judicial appointee applicants is back on just two weeks after the bar association called off the event due to an apparent misunderstanding with […]

Campaign “sign gardens” under attack

Every election season, political candidates sow their gardens of campaign signs along Clark County’s roads in hopes of attracting the eyes and interest of voters. Judicial candidate Bob Vukanovich experienced the […]

Democrat Golik endorsed by former GOP rival

Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik - a Democrat - has won a prized endorsement for his reelection from his former Republican opponent. Republican Brent Boger – an assistant city attorney in […]

Deputy sheriffs guild won’t endorse in prosecutor’s race

The Clark County Deputy Sheriff Guild will not endorse a county prosecutor candidate this election. The choices are Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik and Vancouver attorney Josephine Townsend. During the 2010 election, […]

Local judge may have Supreme Court support in election

During a visit to Vancouver today, newly appointed Washington Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu stopped by Clark County Family Court to observe Bernard Veljacic’s first day on the job as […]

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