Month: May 2013

Herrera Beutler’s district mostly white, not wealthy

Washington state's 3rd Congressional District, represented in the U.S. House by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, is made up of majority of white constituents with a median household income of $51,366, […]

Orcutt points out most of the 1-5 Skagit River bridge still standing

State Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, received national attention earlier this year when he said bicyclists contribute to climate change by breathing heavily and therefore emitting carbon dioxide into the air. […]

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler moves legislation to help rural veterans

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler pushed forward bill language this week that would look for solutions to a problem faced by veterans living in rural areas: access to health care. The […]

PDC: Anti-CRC lobbyists won’t disclose public records

The lobbyists hired by The I-5 Project Inc., a group that wants light rail removed from the Columbia River Crossing project, are refusing to file documents that would show who […]

More notes on the Columbia River Crossing

As the embattled Columbia River Crossing project approaches what many call a make-or-break moment, there's no shortage of opinions circulating about the Interstate-5 Bridge replacement. Here are just a few: Sweet […]

Dueling Columbia River Crossing videos

Supporters and opponents of the Columbia River Crossing project have both released videos to help make their cases. The first video is posted on the website of the Columbia River […]

Inslee: tax package with CRC a top priority in special session

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and state lawmakers controlling the Senate continued to share different views on the Columbia River Crossing as they convened for the first day of a special […]

McKenna ballot chaser gets slightly less than expected from GOP

Vancouver's Fred Swink, who waited six months to be paid for helping Rob McKenna's gubernatorial campaign, says he did receive a check in the mail from the state Republican Party, […]

GOP heavy hitters working to strengthen power in state Senate

After a special election this November, Republicans in the state Senate hope their delicate majority coalition will grow by one more member: Jan Angel. Angel, a Republican from Port Orchard who […]

Nearly 6 months later, McKenna campaign helpers will be paid

Vancouver's Fred Swink knows it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. The 2012 elections were two days away, and Swink had done all he could to stump for Mitt Romney […]

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