Author: Erin

Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup

I happened upon this soup recipe by accident. Cleaning out my freezer, I found a leftover package of Thanksgiving turkey. I had grand ideas of baking a turkey pot pie and […]

Best Ever Brisket Chili

Do you add browned hamburger to your chili? Why not try smoked brisket?! The brisket brings the chili alive and imparts a rich taste that hamburger just can't touch. The secret […]

Curry-Rubbed Game Hens Stuffed With Basmati Rice, Pecans and Cranberries

I absolutely love The Oregonian's FOODday column. Here is a 'gem' from their archives. The hardest part of this recipe was having enough patience for the game hens to thaw.☺ I made […]

Creamy Spaghetti Carbonara

This recipe for spaghetti carbonara is a favorite in our house any time of the year. It comes together in no time and since everyone in our family likes it: […]

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