WIAA creates open forum for anyone to submit opinions on proposed amendments

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is allowing the public to submit their opinions on 10 proposed amendments that will go up for vote later this spring.

At a link on the WIAA website, people will get an explanation of each amendment, plus pros and cons of each. Then people can share their thoughts.

The forum will remain open through April 16. The amendments go before the Representative Assembly for vote from April 29 to May 7.

Here are a quick summary of the 10 proposed amendments.

  • Proposed amendment No. 1 adds sports of flag football, 7-on-7 football and sand volleyball as separate and distinct sports for purposes of out-of-season regulations.
  • Proposed amendment No. 2 would make transfer students ineligible for varsity play for one year if the student played for a non-school team (i.e. club) that was coached by a coach who also associated with the new school program, or received personal instruction or training from a coach at the new school.
  • Proposed amendment No. 3 updates language in the WIAA handbook regarding appeals of eligibility regarding gender equity.
  • Proposed amendment No. 4 allows 1B and 2B schools to utilize eighth graders from non-WIAA member middle schools.
  • Proposed amendment No. 5 allows 1A schools to utilize eighth graders.
  • Proposed amendment No. 6 changes the definition of “regular” for no more than once to no more than one a week.
  • Proposed amendment No. 7 adds a minimum of one hour in coach training for student mental health and diversity, equity and inclusion education.
  • Proposed amendment No. 8 allows basketball teams to replace one game of their 20 regular-season games with a tournament of up to four games.
  • Proposed amendment No. 9 eliminates the restriction of 20 days of coaching for summer football.
  • Proposed amendment No. 10 allows wrestling teams to count a two-day tournament with brackets of more than 16 wrestlers as one event toward their 16 team events in a season.

Click here to submit your opinion.

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