Class 4A football playoffs in a 32-team bracket format

A disclaimer right off the top: The above bracket is NOT the 4A high school school STATE football playoffs. The state playoffs is a 16-team tournament that will start next.

The above bracket is actually an amalgam of this week’s district playoffs and the start of the state tournament next week, forming a 32-team (well, actually 30-team) bracket.

This bracket is designed to give you an idea of how teams will advance into the 16-team state tournament.

In Class 4A, Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 — all located west of the Cascade Mountains — pool their state tournament allocations together and this week play off for those berths. Also, District 8, comprised of schools largely from Spokane and the Tri-Cities area, has district playoffs. District 6, in the central part of the state, does not have a district playoff. Teams from those team advance directly into the 16-team state bracket.

A few notes about this bracket

  • The advancement spots for games between Hanford-Central Valley, Chiawana-Gonzaga Prep and GSL No. 3-Richland are not guaranteed. Those will be determined by which teams win this week. This bracket has been set up to mirror what the advancement might look like if games go according to form. In other words, if Central Valley (the GSL No. 1) beats Hanford, it would advance forward into the bracket from where it’s at. However, if Hanford (the Mid-Columbia No. 3) wins, it would not claim that spot, but rather the spot next to Chiawana-Gonzaga Prep. Richland, if it wins, would claim the spot next to Hanford-Central Valley on this bracket in that scenario. It’s confusing, I know.
  • The teams on the bottom of each bracket is the designated home team, regardless of league seed or win-loss record.
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