3A Greater St. Helens League boys track and field all-league team

MVP track: Nolan Mickenham, Prairie

MVP field: Colton Johnson, Kelso


Nolan Mickenham, 100, Prairie

Malik Lewis, 100, Hudson’s Bay

Nolan Mickenham, 200, Prairie

Jeremy Harju, 200, Evergreen

Orin Johnson, 400, Evergreen

Sonny Chhim, 400, Kelso

Seth Tripp, 800, Prairie

Jonas Hicks, 800, Hudson’s Bay

Sam Johnson, 1600, Mountain View

Colten Jorgenson, 1600, Kelso

Shun Yamaguchi, 3200, Mountain View

Thomas Girard, 3200, Mountain View

Jeremy Harju, 110H, Mountain View

Parker Linhart-Wubbena, 110H, Mountain View

Jeremy Harju, 300H, Evergreen

Parker Linhart-Wubbena, 300H, Mountain View

Prairie, 400 relay

Kelso, 400 relay

Evergreen, 1600 relay

Mountain View, 1600 relay

Ethan Tonder, SP, Mountain View

Colton Johnson, SP, Kelso

Colton Johnson, DIS, Kelso

Ethan Tonder, DIS, Mountain View

Colton Johnson, JAV, Kelso

Riley Harper, JAV, Kelso

Garrett Davies, HJ, Mountain View

Malik Lewis, HJ, Hudson’s Bay

Ruslan Dzhumaniyazov, PV, Kelso

Jed Shaver, PV, Evergreen

Glen Perry, LJ, Mountain View

Darius Dancel, LJ, Prairie

Tresean Foreman, TJ, Mountain View

Jaelen Stephen, TJ, Prairie

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